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We follow the small road which goes up to the Morasco Dam and coasts the Lake. From the start of the cableway a path begins with some still original stone-paved tracts which take us up to the Bettelmatt Alp in the area of production of the Bettelmatt cheese. From the Alp a rather steep path takes us to the Gries Mountain Pass. From here we proceed along the mountainside coasting the Gries Lake up to the Dam where a small service road begins and continues with two hairpin bends leading to a well-traced downhill path crossing Stoche, Altstafel, and Ladstafel. From here onwards we cross a torrent and coast it keeping on its left up to the Aarenäst bridge where we keep on its right for a small tract until we cross back to the other side on a bridge at 1592 m above sea level, thus following onwards on one last track leading us to the village of Ulrichen in the Goms Valley.

The route:
Gries Way (Via del Gries) / Sbrinz Route (Via Sbrinz)

The stages of this route:
GRIES WAY: Stage 1: Crevoladossola/Montecrestese - Baceno
GRIES WAY: Stage 2: Baceno – Ponte (Formazza)
GRIES WAY: Stage 3: Ponte - Riale
GRIES WAY: Stage 4: Riale – Gries Mountain Pass (2479) - Ulrichen

Notable Items along the Track

Morasco Lake, Bettelmatt Plain, Gries Mountain Pass

Itinerary Code: VSB

Difficulty Level: Escursioni (E)

Track Length: 19.30 Km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time: 3h 00m

Arrival Address: Formazza (VB) - IT

Departure Height: 1734 m

Departure Address: Obergoms - IT

Arrival Height: 1353 m

Route Stage: 4

Recommended Time Period: June - September

Altitude Difference Going Up: 775 m

Altitude Difference Going Down: 1165 m

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