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This is a brief stage which allows us to visit the Formazza Strong Home and thus admire the nice examples of Walser architecture in its various rural communities.
From the Ponte city centre we cross the Toce river on the first bridge before the ENEL Power Station and follow the path marked “Good” which via nice paths takes us high above Brendo and thus becomes a track which follows up to the height of Grovella. Then the track becomes steeper and in order to get to Canza we need to go back up a ridge known as “il Cree”. Having gotten to Canza we don’t cross the bridge but continue up a tractor trail which coasts the river and after a while becomes a steep path which crosses one more ridge up until we arrive to Sottofrua. From here onwards we continue straight on along the wide path which brings us to the nice bridge just at the foot of the Toce Waterfall. Next to the road’s hairpin bend the nice steep mule track with large steps which coasts the waterfall begins. Once at the top of the waterfall we go to the parking lot behind the historical Waterfall Hotel (Albergo della Cascata) where a road sign signals the beginning of an old mule track which passes a ridge, reaches Upper La Frua, and continues along the mountainside up until the city center of Fondo di Riale and thus Riale are reached.

The route:
Gries Way (Via del Gries) / Sbrinz Route (Via Sbrinz)

The stages of this route:
GRIES WAY: Stage 1: Crevoladossola/Montecrestese - Baceno
GRIES WAY: Stage 2: Baceno – Ponte (Formazza)
GRIES WAY: Stage 3: Ponte - Riale
GRIES WAY: Stage 4: Riale – Gries Mountain Pass (2479) - Ulrichen

Notable Items along the Track

Formazza Strong Home (Casa Forte), Walser architecture at Canza and Riale, Toce Waterfall (Cascata del Toce)

Itinerary Code: VSB

Difficulty Level: Escursioni (E)

Track Length: 6.70 Km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time: 2h 30m

Arrival Address: Formazza (VB) - IT

Departure Height: 1284 m

Departure Address: Formazza (VB) - IT

Arrival Height: 1734 m

Route Stage: 3

Recommended Time Period: April - November

Altitude Difference Going Up: 500 m

Altitude Difference Going Down: 50 m

Max Height: 1734 m

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