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A loop itinerary that ventures into the dense woods just behind the village of Opaco.
About 60 m (195 ft) beyond the square in front of the church of Ceppo Morelli, turn right to follow the signs for Centro Fondo. You’ll reach the hamlet of Case Sturi and the wonderful “Prea” bridge, an ancient arched stone pathway over the Anza River which is one of the best preserved in the valley. Crossing the bridge, flank the sports pitch and just after having crossed the Tignaga River, deviate from the track and take trail B23 as it rises to the right in the woods. At the junction with the trail for Tignaga, turn left and follow the comfortable trail until Alpe Laveggio, a pretty clearing with a view of Mount Rosa. From Laveggio, descend down to Piana di Borgone, then continue going down until the fork for the “sentiero della salute” (the “trail of health”), turn left and continue on. At the crossroads with the dirt track, turn left and almost immediately you’ll come to the chalets of Cacit, followed by the sports pitch and ultimately the point of departure.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Ceppo Morelli


B23, B23a, B00

Altitude Difference Going Up

625 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

625 m

Track Length

8,0 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

3 h 40

Track Numbers

B23, B23a, B00

Difficulty Level

E (medium easy)

Recommended Time Period

May - October


Valle Anzasca

Bus stop

on the Domodossola – Macugnaga bus line


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