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The ring-shaped track, which takes place in great part on a mule track and roads amid forests, can also be subdivided into two stages with overnight stay at the Solcio Alp Mountain Hut. Along the path we cross numerous no longer used Alpine pastures documenting the presence of an ancient rural civilization which despite being nowadays transformed still retains a rooted bond to the environment as witnessed by the care with which its whereabouts are maintained.

The itinerary starts from the Varzo town centre. We take the nice mule path which goes back up along the left of the river and crosses Varzo up to the Colla area and thus follows along a stone-paved mule track known as Via Crucis which goes up to Durogna. We follow on the nice mule tracks passing by Casagrande, Dreuza, and numerous other alpine pastures until we reach Ca’ Bianca from which we proceed amid a thick coniferous wood just before exiting in the meadow-covered basin of the Solcio Alp. Having crossed the S. Giovanni river in a brief amount of time we get to the excellent Crosta Mountain Hut. As far as the way back is concerned we go down the syndicate road which leads up to Calantigine and then take the path marked F08 which crosses the syndicate road’s hairpin bends and goes down to Nava and finally Coggia. From here onwards the mule track goes down to Bassogno up until the paved road leading to the Castello rural community is crossed. Here we take a left and then take the small road which goes down and crosses a Brook (Riale) and goes back up to Colla. From here we can follow the mule track we came from and go back to the Varzo town centre.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Varzo Church Square


F06 + road + F08 + F10

Altitude Difference Going Up

1185 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

1185 m

Track Length

12,6 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

6 h 00 min

Track Numbers

F06 + road + F08 + F10

Difficulty Level

E. Medium difficulty path, nevertheless long and undergoing a significant altitude difference.

Recommended Time Period

June - October


Divedro Valley

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