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This loop itinerary explores the life cycle of rye, a grain that is particularly resistant to cold climates and thus has been cultivated for centuries in Ossola, resulting in the characteristic terracing found here. After harvest, rye was ground in the mills to make flour for bread baked in the historic community ovens just a few times a year.

From the small square in Cresti, take the mule track (trail C04) which climbs to the hamlets of Montescheno, Croppo and Sasso above. From the church in Montescheno, descend towards the mill, then take the mule track that rises towards Progno, the highest of the villages. Here a historic oven is still used to bake the local traditional rye bread. Cross through the town and take the mule track uphill to Barboniga, then climb to Valeggia, leaving the mule track to Zonca to the left. From Valeggia, descend to and then take the mule track to Zonca. From here, take the mule track (trail C10) downhill in the direction of Seppiana to the crossroads with the Strada Antronesca (trail C00) near the square in front of the church. Take this old road to return to the departure point.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Montescheno (hamlet of Cresti)


C04, C10a, C10, C00

Altitude Difference Going Up

330 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

330 m

Track Length

6,0 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

2 h 45

Track Numbers

C04, C10a, C10, C00

Difficulty Level

E (medio facile)

Recommended Time Period

April – October


Valle Antrona

Notable Items along the Track

The church of Montescheno; mill of Montescheno; bread oven in Progno; bread oven and press in Barboniga; press, bread oven and washhouse of Valleggia; bread ovens, press, mill and old chapel in Zonca. 

Bus stop

on the Domodossola – Antronapiana bus line


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