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The trail (D01) departs from the beginning of the street for Alpe Lusentino – Domobianca. A pretty mule track, it climbs up to Baceno, Premone and Motto where it crosses trail D00, which in turn heads in the direction of Sacred Mount Calvary (S.M. Calvario) until the chapel of Marisch. From here, climb the steep cattle path into the woods until you reach the picturesque town of Vallesone, which is worth a visit. The trail continues on, cutting through the sharply turning road. It starts again from the second curve with a long climb in the forest until it arrives to an equipped, municipality-owned area used for educational visits focusing on the forest. Keep going, crossing the street two times, until reaching a large dirt car park and then the car park at the end of the road in Alpe Lusentino. Continue to the fields staying slightly to the left, re-enter the forest until exiting onto the Alpe Foppiano meadow. Follow a steep stretch once again in the dense forest and with one last diagonal on the cattle path, you’ll reach the small lake of Casalavera. Once you’ve reached the large barn at the end of the valley, following the traces of the trail on the meadows (where ski slopes are in winter), turn left onto the trail that enters the thick alder forest to arrive to a crest with a large transmitter tower. With one last steep climb along the panoramic crest, you will come to the peak of Moncucco.
To descend to Casalavera, take the track that follows the northward ridge then continue the same arrival route until Alpe Lusentino. Below the end square of Lusentino, take trail D03, which descends into the woods to Prata and from there, via a pleasant mule track, reaches Vagna (Maggianigo) with its pretty church of San Brizio. The steep mule track with stairs starts at the side of the church and leads to Domodossola.

Notes: The route is easier if you go to Lusentino by car and depart from there on foot.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point



D01 + D03

Altitude Difference Going Up

Departure from Domodossola, 1,600 m (5,249 ft); Departure from Lusentino, 800 m (2,625 ft)

Track Length

18,0 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

Departure from Domodossola: 5 h 00 min uphill and 3 h 30 downhill. Departure from Lusentino: 2 h 25 min uphill and 1 h 35 downhill

Track Numbers

D01 + D03

Difficulty Level

 E (medium). Significant elevation gain if departing from Domodossola

Recommended Time Period

May - October


Valle Bognanco

Notable Items along the Track

Moncucco (1,896 m / 6,220 ft) is the mountain of Domodossola. From its barren summit, there is an extraordinary panoramic view of the Valley of Toce and onto the valleys of Ossola that surround it. Its slopes are covered by dense broad-leaved trees and conifer forests and crossed by nice trails.


The route is easier if you go to Lusentino by car and depart from there on foot.


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