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The track follows nice mule tracks and brief unpaved and paved road tracts. The track starts from the Premia municipal square and following the directions towards the “Uirezzo Ravines” we go down the Benevoli homes and then to the spectacular gully of Balmafreeda, geared as a rock-climbing gym.

Instead of going down towards the Ravines, we take the road on the left towards Crego and just before the road bridge (where a pause to enjoy the scenery is well-deserved), a sheep track takes us down to a small stable. From here a brief path tract takes us to the Arvera Bridge, which has been recently refurbished, and yields a spectacular view on the gorge. From the bridge we go back up to the nice stone-paved mule track that intersects a paved road twice and following the encountered directions we get back to Crego. In front of the Zeus Mountain Hut we take the path (code G06) that goes down crossing prairies (be careful as this tract is not very visible) up to when it becomes a nice mule track in the woods which goes down till the fork in the road towards the Balmasurda Bridge. We cross the small brook and go down steeply until the spectacular and thrilling suspension bridge at a height of 35 meters above water.

Having crossed the bridge we go slightly back up along a staircase until we arrive at the intersection with the unpaved road used to service a methane pipeline which follows to the left up to the entrance of the South Ravine, a spectacular gorge entrenched in the rock and geared with ladders used to visit it. We carry out the visit to the Ravine both going and coming back. Having come back to the entrance of the mountain we continue along the small unpaved road and not much later we take the path towards Baceno which goes back up along the mountainside up to where the stone-paved mule track which goes back up from Verampio begins. We take a right just after another crossing where we proceed in the direction of Pioda and Premia taking advantage of the Gries Way (Via del Gries). The mule track follows in hairpin bends up to where it intersects the main road, thus taking us up through the fields to a small chapel.

We turn to the right and in a brief amount of time we reach Pioda and thus via an apparently flat surface also Rozzaro. The mule track continues up to Piazza and then via small inner village roads comes up to Rodis and finally the small municipal square which is where the excursion started from.


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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Premia Municipal Square (788 m) reachable by bus (Domodossola – Formazza bus line)


Premia Municipal Square – Benevoli Homes – Balmafredda Gorge – Arvèra Bridge – Crego – Balmasurda Bridge – North East Ravine – South Ravine – Balmalcore – Pioda – Rozzaro – Piazza - Premia Municipal Square

Altitude Difference Going Up

365 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

365 m

Track Length

8,5 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

2 h 30 min (without taking into account the time taken to visit the Ravines)

Difficulty Level

E (medium difficulty)

Recommended Time Period

March - October


Antigorio Valley

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