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This track’s level of difficulty is merely attributable to its length and significant altitude difference: from a purely technical standpoint, this track does not present any great difficulties. The upwards path takes place entirely on a paved road.

From the parking lot, cross the Melezzo Torrent on the bike and pedestrian overpass and follow along the provincial road up to the street lights where the road towards Onzo Lake and the Pescia Alp begins. Start going uphill by crossing the nice rural community of Rivoira (with its seigneurial villas and old wine press), Brencio Homes, and Ranco. We thus reach a crossbar which marks the beginning of a syndicate road (where the already scarce presence of vehicles becomes even less frequent) which takes us to the Onzo Lake (marked Avonso on various maps) and then carry on via numerous hairpin bends to the Pescia Alp. From Pescia we start going down along a path marked by a few tractor trails in some places up until we cross the road which goes down to Travello. Here the more involved tract takes place along the marked path which takes us to Mozzio. We take the unpaved road which through various ups and downs takes us to Coimo from which we go down along a paved road till we reach the Vigezzo Valley Road and thus come up to the Ca’ Turbin bridge. We cross the bridge and follow back up along the unpaved road beneath Marone which via a few flat tracts, small uphill paths, and a few involved downwards paths having slippery grounds takes us back to Verigo. From here onwards we follow the paved road towards Trontano after having visited the Graglia Windmills and their spectacular stone bridge. In the Trontano Central Square just before the church’s steps one must cross the rails and take the road on the left which goes down to Pello and thus takes us back to the Masera parking lot.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Masera, parking lot at the bottom of the road leading up to Val Vigezzo (297 m)


bike and pedestrian overpass, Masera, Menogno, Rivoira, Brencio Homes, Ranco, Onzo Lake, Fobello, Mulera , Alpe Pescia, Corte dell’Ariola, Travello, Corte di Mozzio, Mozzio, Coimo, Ca’ Turbin, Verigo, Trontano, Pello, Masera

Altitude Difference Going Up

1350 m

Maximum altitude reached

1450 m above mean sea level

Track Length

30,0 km

Difficulty Level

EE (difficult)


GOOD (somewhat difficult between Travello and Mozzio)

Recommended Time Period

April - October


Valle Vigezzo

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