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The itinerary develops along the paved syndicate track (closed to all vehicles except for syndicate vehicles) which takes us up to Coipo, with some very steep tracts. The road, which presents several hairpin bends, follows the ridge linking the Antigorio Valley and the Agarina Valley. The road is paved up until Alagua. The scenery at the bottom of the Ossola Valley as well as on the Devero Alp mountains is really beautiful. The detour to Piazzeno takes place on an unpaved road.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Altoggio, Rural Community in the Municipality of Montecrestese (725 m).


Altoggio, Genovesi Chapel – Gaggio – Madonna of Saint Luca – Coipo – Alagua

Altitude Difference Going Up

710 m going up (Piazzeno rests at an altitude of 925 m)

Altitude Difference Going Down

255 m going down

Track Length

8.4 km (one-way). The detour taking us up to Piazzeno is 2.75 km long.

Difficulty Level

EE (difficult)



Recommended Time Period

May - October


Valle Antigorio and Valle Isorno

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