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General features:
Circular itinerary to discover the Cadorna Line, a system of military fortifications dating back to the First World War that was supposed to defend the northern border of Italy towards Switzerland. The route is also characterized by important testimonies of popular religiosity.


The route:
From the train station, cross the center of the town to reach via Gasse, in the upper part of the town. Take the mule track that goes up to the parish church, then follow the "Strada dei Pellegrini" ("Pilgrims' Road"), the Via Crucis that goes up to the Boden Sanctuary (Boden = flat, in the Walser language of Ornavasso). Located in a dominant position over the town, the sanctuary is still a popular Marian destination (the apparition of the Madonna occurred on 7 September 1528 is venerated). From the sanctuary, take the carriage road that goes down to Ornavasso and at the first hairpin bend take the military road which, flat, leads to the ancient marble quarry of the Boden, used for the construction of the Duomo di Milano, the Milan Cathedral. Continuing along the military road you will reach the Forte di Bara, a defensive work belonging to the Cadorna Line, consisting of a series of pitches supported by stone walls, the main barrier of the Stretta di Migiandone, the narrowest place in the Toce valley and the main way of access from the lakes to the Ossola passes. From Forte di Bara go down along the military mule track, built to access the strategic Punta di Migiandone, and you will arrive at the bottom of the valley in a large square characterized by the presence of a large cannon. From here, along the country lanes, skirt the rocky walls of the climbing gym until you will get to the Laghetto delle Rose. On internal roads cross the town of Ornavasso again until the train station.

Itinerary particularly suitable for educational visits:


Area: Plain of the Ossola Valley
Itinerary: Ornavasso, Via Gasse, Chiesa parrocchiale, Madonna della Guardia, Forte Castello, Antica Cava del Marmo, Forte di Bara, Punta di Migiandone, Lago delle Rose, Ornavasso

Notable Items along the Track

Military fortifications Cadorna Line, Sanctuary of the Madonna del Boden, Ancient Marble Quarry of the Milan Cathedral, Museum of the Resistance

Accesso con mezzi pubblici

By train: Ornavasso station, Ferrovie dello Stato. Timetable:; By bus: bus to Ornavasso, Domodossola-Omegna line. Timetable: By car: A26 motorway towards Gravellona Toce, from here SS33 del Sempione, Ornavasso exit

Difficulty Level: T-E (Easy - Medium)

Track Length: 9,4 Km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time: 3h 00min

Arrival Address: Ornavasso, school square

Departure Height: 218 m

Recommended Time Period: All the year

Altitude Difference Going Up: 327 m

Altitude Difference Going Down: 327 m

Max Height: 410 mslm (Forte di Bara) m

Other: Possibility of cycling: total

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