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The Montecrestese territory has given us back various sporadic archeological testimonies of the presence of human dwellings during a wide period of time, which goes from the prehistoric ages (Iron Age, V century b.c.) up to the imperial roman ages (I-II centuries a.d.) and the Middle Ages. In particular it seems as though in ancient times the area could have been of particular importance as far as its sacredness is concerned, documented by structures dating back to uncertain periods of time, but of notable interest, comprised by various megalithic complexes and a true yellow Roman temple.

The path starts in the rural communities in the municipality of Piaggino, by the holiday farm AZ, and follows the G00a trail which comprises a variant of the Gries Way (Via del Gris). The first tract follows a small narrow road which goes up until a hairpin bend is encountered. Here the very nice Dogs’ Valley mule track begins and we follow it up to a small chapel. Here we take a right and then take the path towards the “Croppola” megalithic complex.

Following the directions we thus go back up until we cross the paved road for Montecrestese in correspondence of the Viganale Oratory. We follow for a brief tract the paved road towards the Church and not far from there we take the mule track on the right which takes us back to the Cemetery and from here to the Montecrestese Church. Besides the municipal building a small ladder takes us down to the intersection with the path which on the right takes us to Lomese, a municipality with admirable examples of traditional stone architecture.

From Lomese we take the small paved road which goes down to Roledo and just at the end of the dwellings we take back the nice mule track with tack code G00a which goes back down to Dogs’ Valley. We then come back once again to the small chapel and not far from that we can take a right to the “Castelluccio” megalithic complex. Having come back on our own tracks up to the fork in the road we return to our starting point.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Montecrestese in the district of Piaggino (by holiday farm AZ, 305 m)


Montecrestese in the district of Piaggino – Dogs’ Valley Chapel (Cappella Valle dei Cani) – Megalithic Area “Croppola” – Viganale Oratory – Montecrestese Church – Lomese – Dogs’ Valley Chapel – Megalithic Area “Castelluccio” – Castelluccio - Piaggino

Altitude Difference Going Up

190 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

190 m

Track Length

6,1 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

1 h 40 min

Track Numbers

G00a + linking paths.

Difficulty Level

E (medium difficulty).

Recommended Time Period

Entire year


Antigorio Valley

Notable Items along the Track

Megalithic complexes of Castelluccio and Croppola, the Dogs’ Valley mule path, and traditional stone architecture.


The path is recommended in the spring, autumn, and in the winter. During the summer period it is possible to witness the excessive fast development of infesting vegetation which can invade the track.

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