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This is a beautiful ring route in Antigorio Valley on low-traffic asphalted roads and unpaved consortium tracks at the foot of Monte Cistella, between pastures and well-preserved rural buildings and beautiful views.

From the center of Crodo take the carriage road to Mozzio and Viceno which gradually climbs up with hairpin bends. From Viceno return in the direction of Cravegna and immediately after the Alfenza stream take the consortium track for Deccia which you have to follow up to the alp. From Deccia you have to go back following the track and once you reach the detour to Voma, follow it keeping more or less flat. From Voma take a path bordered by walls that leads to the Alfenza valley and wade the stream (almost always dry). Immediately after the ford a track starts again that leads to Foppiano and from here, following the asphalted road, you will return to Viceno. Continue up to the church of Cravegna and take the road to Navasco. From here, take the wide mule track (path G11) which with a couple of hairpin bends leads to the bridge over the Alfenza stream. Then continue on a track, initially unpaved and then paved, which brings you back to the Crodo - Mozzio road and soon returns to the starting point.

Notes: From Voma it is also possible to go directly down a steep track which after Longio crosses the road of Deccia

Area: Deccia Alp
Itinerary: Crodo – Smeglio - Mozzio - Viceno – T. Alfenza - Paü – Deccia - Paü - Voma - Foppiano – Viceno – Cravegna – Navasco – Ponte T. Alfenza - Crodo


Difficulty Level: E (medium)

Arrival Address: Crodo

Departure Height: 534 m

Recommended Time Period: Maggio - Ottobre

Altitude Difference Going Up: 1165 m

Max Height: 1694 mslm (Alpe Deccia sup.) m

Other: Possibility of cycling: total

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