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The Almageller Mountain Hut was opened in 1987 (the same year the Andolla Mountian Hut was opened). We’re in a high-altitude environment under the spurs of the Weissmeies (4,023 m); on the mountainfaces of the Dri Horlini we can find various roads which comprise excellent climbing gyms. The path going back in is characterized by the way up to the Zwischbergenpass (3,268 m), the following descent on moraine-like mixed ice, and the high passage which from the Alpine pastures of Galki takes us to Cheller. From here, following the first day’s route, we get back to Zwischbergen and thus to Gondo.


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Itinerary informations

Starting Point

Almagellerhütte (CH)

Altitude Difference Going Up

367 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

2413 m

Track Length

20,2 Km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

7 h 10

Difficulty Level

EE (Difficult)

Bus stop

From Gondo to Zwischbergen there is a call bus which allows one to shorten this stage: tel. +41(0)583869910

Ending Point Location



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