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  • Ascent 4837 m
  • Descent 4237 m
  • Length 90,7 km
  • Level difficulty E
  • Suggested Time Period June - October
  • Number of Itinerary Steps 6
  • Starting Point Varzo, 530 meters above mean sea level
  • Ascent 1403 m
  • Descent 216 m
  • Length 16200
  • Elapsed Time 6 h 10 min
  • Level difficulty E
  • Stage Beginning Mainstays (in case of a first stage or of only one stage) Sempione Hotel Address: Viale Castelli 70, 28868VARZO (VB) Phone Number: 335/5652523 B&B Villa Nante Via Fontana 8, 28868 VARZO (VB) Phone Number: 334 1617594 EMail: Web: vai al sito web B&B Villa Nante B&B "Alpe Veglia" Indirizzo: Via Colla n.57, 28868 VARZO (VB) Phone Number: 0324.72244 - Cell. 333.4066271 EMail: B&B "The raspberries" ("I Lamponi") Address: Via Cattagna n.11, 28868 VARZO (VB) Phone Number: 347.5650886 / 335.237760 EMail:
  • Mainstays (stage end) CAI Arona Cities Mountain Hot (Rifugio CAI Città di Arona), Veglia Alp, tel. +39 0324 780837, Locanda Ristorante della Fonte, Alpe Veglia tel. +39 0324 72576, The Water Source Restaurant Inn (Locanda Ristorante della Fonte), Veglia Alp tel. +39 0324 72577,
  • Intermediate Points of Connection with Local Infrastructures It is possible to go up to Saint Domenico directly from Varzo via the Prontobus bus service(Information: Tel. 338 87 80 386, Devero Park Vigil, Tel: 0324.72572 Varzo Local Tourist Office, Tel: 0324.780809) At Saint Domenico it is possible to have refreshments and stay overnight. From Saint Domenico it is also possible to go back up to the Ciamporino Alp via chairlift and carry on via the panoramic Veglia Alp "flowers' path" ("sentiero di fiori")
  • Ending Point Location and Altitude Veglia Alp, 1,755 meters above mean sea level
  • Starting Point Veglia Alp, 1,755 meters above mean sea level
  • Ascent 850 m
  • Descent 960 m
  • Length 15000
  • Elapsed Time 6 h 00 min
  • Level difficulty E
  • Mainstays (stage end) Fountain House Restaurant (Ristorante Casa Fontana) with sleeping-rooms, Devero Alp, tel. +39 348 0095702, La Lanca Restaurant Hotel, Devero Alp, tel. +39 0324 619135, CAI Castiglioni Alpine Hut (Rifugio CAI Capanna Castiglioni), Devero Alp, tel.+39 0324 619126 “The Ancient Alpine Inn” (“Antica Locanda Alpino”) Guest House With Restaurant, Devero Alp, tel. +39 0324 619113, Fattorini Guest House with Restaurant and Bar, Devero Alp, tel. +39 0324 619177, Cableway (Funivia) Guest House With Restaurant and Bar, Devero Alp, tel. +39 0324 619195, The Alpine Lodge (La Baita), Hotel with Restaurant, Crampiolo, tel. +39 0324 619190, Crampiolo Alp Holiday Farm (Agriturismo), Crampiolo, tel. +39 347 8179494, La Rossa Vacation Homes (Case vacanze), Devero Alp,, The Pine Tree (Il Pino) B&B, Devero Alp, tel. + 39 342 78 65 309, B&B The Enchanted Lake (Il Lago Incantato) B&B, Crampiolo Tel. +39 349 4667818 The Marmots (Le Marmotte) B&B, Devero Alp, +39 347 0904090 +39347 9281339 The Alps’ Flower (Il Fiore delle Alpi) B&B, Devero Alp, +39 331/7576222, The Devero Pack-Saddle (Il Basto del Devero) B&B, Devero Alp, +39 348 8962326,
  • Intermediate Points of Connection with Local Infrastructures At Devero, a Prontobus shuttle bus service linking up with Baceno is available (for further information contact the Veglia Devero Park, Tel: 0324.72572) At Devero, by the arrival station of the modest cableway the "Alpine Pasture Museum", one can find the Documentation Centre which was put together
  • Ending Point Location and Altitude Alpe Devero 1640 mslm
  • Starting Point Devero Alp, 1,640 meters above mean sea level
  • Ascent 959 m
  • Descent 405 m
  • Length 16500
  • Elapsed Time 6 h 00 min
  • Level difficulty E
  • Mainstays (stage end) EUGENIO MARGAROLI Alpine Hut, Vannino Alp area – 28862 Formazza - Tel. 0324 63155, Cell. 328 9040431 - 327 0197444,,
  • Intermediate Points of Connection with Local Infrastructures From the Margaroli Mountain Hut a tractor trail allows us to quickly reach (in 40 min) the Sagersboden chairlift and go down to Ponte in the Formazza Valley area (take the Domodossola – Toce Waterfall (Cascata del Toce) bus line). It is possible to sleep and consume meals at Crampiolo. At the Forno Alp an Alpine lodging home has been recently refurbished as a shelter which is managed by mountaineers in the summer. At the Scatta Minoia Mountain Pass a small and always open empty shelter (known as the Ettore Conti shelter) can be found.
  • Ending Point Location and Altitude Vannino Lake (Margaroli Alpine Hut), 2,194 meters above mean sea level
  • Ascent 390 m
  • Descent 855 m
  • Length 10500 m
  • Elapsed Time 3 h 30 min
  • Level difficulty E
  • Mainstays (stage end) Stuba Hotel and Walser Restaurant Place: Riale Phone Number: +39 339 3663330 E-mail: Web: AALTS Dorf Hotel, Restaurant, and Bar Place: Riale Phone Number: +39 0324 634355 E-mail: Web: Bim-Se Mountain Hut at Morasco, Formazza 28863, VB, (IT) tel. +39 339 5953393 Zwargji The Pixies’ Home (La Casa dei Folletti) B&B, around Riale Formazza, tel. 348.6022824 Schtebli B&B, Municipality of Riale 28863 Formazza (VB), +39 328 3391368,
  • Intermediate Points of Connection with Local Infrastructures Take the bus from Riale to Domodossola in the summer.
  • Ending Point Location and Altitude Riale, 1,731 meters above mean sea level
  • Starting Point Riale, 1,731 meters above mean sea level
  • Ascent 585 m
  • Descent 826 m
  • Length 15500 m
  • Elapsed Time 5 h 30 min
  • Level difficulty E
  • Mainstays (stage end) Alpine Star Chalet (Chalet Stella Alpina), Hotel, Restaurant, and Wellness Centre 6781 Ronco Bedretto - Tel./Fax +41 91 869 17 14
  • Intermediate Points of Connection with Local Infrastructures Before the Toggia Lake the MARIA LUISA Mountain Hut is available - Tel. +39 0324 63086,, All’Acqua (Val Bedretto) Inn – restaurant and bus station A Ronco Bus towards Airolo (train station)
  • Ending Point Location and Altitude Ronco (Val Bedretto (CH) 1487 mslm
  • Starting Point Ronco (Bedretto Valley (CH), 1,487 meters above mean sea level)
  • Ascent 650 m
  • Descent 975 m
  • Length 17000 m
  • Elapsed Time 5 h 00 min
  • Level difficulty E
  • Mainstays (stage end) Several opportunities to lodge at Airolo
  • Intermediate Points of Connection with Local Infrastructures At Airolo we meet the Gottardo Cheese Production Place (Caseificio del Gottardo) From Pesciun to Airolo we can avoid walking 600 meters of altitude difference by taking the cableway (Saint Gottardo Ski Lifts SA, Tel: +41 91 873 30 40 rom Airolo it is possible to get back by train via Bellinzo or via Andermatt and Briga (Switzerland). For timetables see:
  • Ending Point Location and Altitude Airolo (CH) 1140 mslm
  • Ascent 3154 m
  • Descent 3154 m
  • Length 44,7 km
  • Level difficulty EEA including the "Iron-Enforced Lake Way" ("Via ferrata del Lago")
  • Number of Itinerary Steps 3
  • Starting Point Gondo (855 meters above mean sea level)
  • Ascent 1577 m
  • Descent 371 m
  • Length 16000 m
  • Elapsed Time 6 h 25
  • Level difficulty E
  • Stage Beginning Mainstays (in case of a first stage or of only one stage) Stockalperturm Hotel and Restaurant Simplonstrasse 3907 Gondo Tel.: +41 (0) 27 979 25 50 Fax: +41 (0) 27 979 25 51 Pension Restaurant Bellevue Simplonstrasse 3907 Gondo Tel.: +41 (0) 27 979 11 98
  • Mainstays (stage end) Andolla Mountain Hut tel. 0324575980
  • Intermediate Points of Connection with Local Infrastructures Zwischbergen Bar and Lodge From Gondo to Zwischbergen it is possible to take a call bus to shorten this stage: tel. +41(0)583869910
  • Ending Point Location and Altitude Andolla Mountain Hut (2,061 meters above mean sea level)
  • Starting Point Andolla Mountain Hut (2,061 meters above mean sea level)
  • Ascent 1210 m
  • Descent 370 m
  • Length 8500 m
  • Elapsed Time 5 h 50
  • Level difficulty EEA - We cross an iron-enforced route tract
  • Mainstays (stage end) Almageller Hutte Tel. +41 (0)279571179
  • Ending Point Location and Altitude Almagellerhütte (CH) (2,894 meters above mean sea level)
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