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This loop itinerary departs from the Stra’ Granda, the ancient road of the Anzasca Valley, to explore the easternmost towns of Castiglione. The route is part of the Via del Pane (the Bread Road), a hiking itinerary that unfolds over small rural towns and explores community ovens, mills, oratories and sacred shrines.
Departing from “Castiglione centro”, a stop on the bus line with a car park, climb uphill to see the parish church dedicated to St. Gotthard of Hildesheim and the square in front dedicated to two partisans killed by the Germans, Aldo Saglio Salti and Sergio Ionghi. Then head downhill to visit the village of Colombetti with its square and the church dedicated to Don Giuseppe Rossi.
From Colombetti, head back and take the Stra’ Granda, the ancient road of the Anzasca Valley until you reach Case Paita. From here, it is worth following along the Stra Granda until the hamlet of Meggianella to see the oratory of San Carlo (St. Charles) and the Chapel of the “Scufiui”, with a beautiful panoramic view of Castiglione. Retrace your steps back and then take the trail that cuts across the sharp bends of the road; it leads to the village of Borca and the hamlet of Selvavecchia with its 17th century church dedicated to the Madonna della Neve (Our Lady of the Snow). Follow the mule track that crosses the old town. Once past the washhouse and the two ancient fountains, the trail will then come to the hamlet of Spagnoli, where there still is an old bread baking oven. Continue on the flat trail to arrive at the town of Cresta; its houses, which maintain the look of a rural village of long ago, are still partially inhabited. From the pretty little church, follow the mule track as it descends to the hamlet of Villasco. From here, with a quick jaunt towards Drocala, the trail comes to a large valley with a pretty mill called the “Mulino dul Gabriel”, which gets its name from Gabriele Silvetti (1890-1956), its last miller. Both the mill and the building have recently been restored. Return to Villasco and hike down towards the hamlet of Pero. With one last steep stretch of sharp bends, you will come to the Stra’ Granda to return to the departure point in Castiglione.

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Itinerary informations

Starting Point



B00 + connection + B02

Altitude Difference Going Up

440 m

Altitude Difference Going Down

440 m

Track Length

6,5 km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time

2 h 45

Track Numbers

B00 + connection + B02

Difficulty Level

E (medium easy)

Recommended Time Period

March – November


Valle Anzasca

Bus stop

on the Domodossola – Macugnaga bus line


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