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General features:
A Latin epigraph of 196 d. C carved in the rock, near Vogogna, attests to the existence of a Roman road along the whole Val d'Ossola. Between the inhabited area of Cuzzego and the railway station of Beura, it is still possible to walk a long stretch surprisingly well preserved.

The route:
From the bus stop in Cuzzego follow the paved road towards the North (Beura), cross the bridge and pass the junction for Villadossola until a signpost indicating the beginning of the path that enters the right and in the first stretch flanks the stream until reaching a block of flats. Here a plaque commemorates the beginning of the Roman road. The ancient mule track climbs up to a group of huts and turns left. From here on, the path is more evident and, passing on large stone slabs, it continues almost always on flat until one passes an old abandoned quarry. Continue on flat skirting a row of rockfall nets and cross the paved road that climbs to Cardezza. Following the signs, go up along the old mule track that cuts the hairpin bends reaching the square of the Church of Cardezza. With a very short detour along Via delle Cappelle it is possible to go up to the Oratory of Sant'Antonio. Returning to the church square, follow the paved road to the cemetery, where a sign indicates the path of descent, the "bread road", a path along which bread was once brought to Cardezza (where there was no oven). Reached the chapel "At Sant Isepp ai Scupei" the mule track continues up to the locality "Cà Pinauda", then begins to descend to the chapel of "Scarp", and then continues up to the church square of Cuzzego and then to the bus stop.

Area: Plain of the Ossola Valley

Notable Items along the Track

"Roman Road" sections


By train: Domodossola station, Ferrovie dello Stato. Timetable:; By bus: bus to Cuzzego, Circular South line. Timetable: By car: A26 motorway towards Gravellona Toce, from here SS33 del Sempione, Villadossola exit, cross the River Toce, turn right along the DOMO 2 freight yard until reaching Cuzzego

Difficulty Level: E (medium difficulty)

Track Length: 5,2 Km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time: 1h 45min

Arrival Address: Cuzzego

Departure Height: 231 m

Recommended Time Period: All the year

Altitude Difference Going Up: 241 m

Altitude Difference Going Down: 241 m

Max Height: 426 m

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