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General features:
Ring itinerary to discover a part of the "Via del Gries" in the municipalities of Crevoladossola and Montecrestese. In Montecrestese there are interesting archaeological evidences which attest to the presence of human settlements from the pre-protohistoric age (Iron Age, 5th century BC) up to the Roman imperial age (1st-2nd century AD) and the Middle Ages. The area seems to have had a particular importance as regards sacredness since ancient times, attested by structures of uncertain dating made up of several megalithic complexes and a Gallo-Roman temple.

The route:
The route starts from the Church of Crevoladossola, where it is possible to admire the beautiful polychrome windows made by a Bernese artisan workshop and transported along the Via del Gries. Following the signs of the Via del Gries (path G00), descend along secondary roads to the Enel power plant built by the Milanese architect Portaluppi and continue up to Solaro where the beautiful paved mule track begins which, skirting the River Toce, reaches the Canova and Oira area. From the small central square, go up to the upper part of the village, the Villa of Oira, and then take a beautiful mule track that slopes down to cross the road for Val Formazza in Arzaloo locality. Cross the road, go down to the river and in a short time you will reach the beautiful arched stone bridge that allows you to reach Pontemaglio. The return takes place along a variant of the Via del Gries (path G00a) taking the mule track that goes back to Chezzo and Lomese. From here begin to descend along the beautiful mule track of the Valle dei Cani, you will reach a chapel and finally cross an asphalted road at a hairpin bend. Continue downhill to the AZ Farmhouse in the Piaggino hamlet, skirt Lake Tana and take the road that leads back to the Church of Crevoladossola.

Area: Antigorio Valley

Notable Items along the Track

Parish Church of Crevoladossola, Parish Church of Montecrestese, Hydroelectric Power Plant of Crevoladossola, megalithic complexes of Castelluccio and Croppola, mule track of the Valle dei Cani, traditional stone architecture, mill of Oira


By train: Domodossola station, Ferrovie dello Stato. Timetable:; By bus: bus to Crevoladossola, line Domodossola - Cascata del Toce; or Circular North line. Timetable: By car: A26 highway towards Gravellona Toce, from here SS33 del Sempione, pass Domodossola, exit for Crevoladossola.

Difficulty Level: T (easy)

Track Length: 10,7 Km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time: 3h 00min

Arrival Address: Crevoladossola

Departure Height: 338 m

Recommended Time Period: All the year

Altitude Difference Going Up: 250 m

Altitude Difference Going Down: 250 m

Max Height: 450 m

Other: The route is recommended in all seasons except summer, in which an excessive and rapid development of weed vegetation that can confuse the route usually occurs.

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