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The route starts from San Domenico, in front of the Cuccini Hotel. A mule track (path code F36) cuts the hairpin bends up to Gebbo where, following the signs, you will take the dirt track that goes down to cross the Cairasca stream and then goes up to cross the mule track for Trasquera, the "old road". Take the wide and beautiful mule track to the left in the woods, almost all flat and follow it for about 4 kilometers, passing first the crossroads for Cioina and then the one for Fraccia. The last stretch is particularly exciting, it has a stretch that goes around a steep rocky ridge with a beautiful view of the Varzo basin; finally, the mule track crosses a track that is initially unpaved and then paved, which soon leads to the town hall square in Trasquera. We recommend you to leave your car in Varzo and then go back to San Domenico using the Prontobus service. The same service allows from Trasquera to return to Varzo.


Area: Divedro Valley
Itinerary: San Domenico – San Bernardo – Gebbo – wade Cairasca Stream - Trasquera

Difficulty Level: E (medium difficulty)

Track Length: 8,8 Km

Elapsed Track Traversal Time: 2 h 30 min

Arrival Address: San Domenico

Departure Height: 1410 m

Recommended Time Period: May - October

Altitude Difference Going Up: 205 m

Altitude Difference Going Down: 515 m

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